The Promontory Point Capital Team

Headquartered in Milwaukee, Promontory Point Capital is an investment banking boutique with a primary focus on Midwest-based privately-held businesses.  Today’s business environment is rapidly changing and privately-held businesses face more challenges than their public company counterparts.  While larger competitors have resources to provide guidance and may easily access capital to capitalize on opportunities, the vast majority of privately-held businesses lack these advantages.

Lack of resources to navigate through strategic and financial issues can be a roadblock to your success. Consider that your existing external advisors likely consist of an attorney, an accountant, and a commercial lender, each who obviously has their areas of expertise and your best interests in mind.  However, which of these advisors can provide an objective opinion backed by current market knowledge on the value of your business?  Which can provide an unbiased look at your financial statements and whether your sources of capital are appropriate? Which has advised on both sides of the negotiating table, either as a buyer or seller, or as a principal providing financing, or as an advisor seeking debt or equity funding?

PPC brings a unique mix of financial and strategic expertise to the table along with a fresh perspective from the outside market.  The fourth advisor for many successful privately-held businesses is an experienced investment banker to advise on situations critical to building and realizing shareholder value.  We encourage you to review the other areas of our website to learn more about our services for privately-held clients and welcome your inquiry.

The Promontory Point Name

On May 10th, 1869 at Promontory Point, Utah the Union Pacific’s No. 119 and the Central Pacific’s Jupiter trains touched to complete the first transcontinental railroad in the United States. The merger of these two railroads was significant as it bridged East with West, a monumental accomplishment. The driving of the famed “Golden Spike”, which signified the completion of the merger, united our country into the 20th century.

GoldenSpikeThe principals of Promontory Point are experienced at bringing parties together and our clients benefit from our expertise in working with business owners, investors, lenders, and lawyers. As advisors to privately-held businesses, we are typically introduced into situations where ultimately the bridging or uniting of people and ideas is critical to achieve a single, mutual objective – just as they did at Promontory Point in 1869.

Meet Our Team

Promontory Point Capital

William T. Penkwitz
Christopher G. Riegg, CFA, CPA
Michael L. Burmesch, CPA
Andrew Eck

Promontory Point Partners

Jeffrey G. Vogelsang
Michael R. Barto
Timothy N. Wright