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Promontory Point Partners, LLC specializes in helping middle-market companies improve their financial performance for the long term. We understand that every business is different; consequently we never use a template that is recycled engagement after engagement. At a minimum, one Partner will be personally involved in each engagement on a full-time basis to ensure the best possible opportunity for success. Experience in distressed situations is critical, as is a hands-on approach which we take to every engagement. Our professional staff is hand-picked and differs from that of other firms in that each of our employees has actually operated a successful business. We focus on the details, implementation of an executable plan, making timely decisions, and communication.

We are equity oriented. While many consultants involved with underperforming companies focus on returning the company to a “stable” position with their creditors, we focus on creating true equity value. The skill sets required to create real equity value are dramatically different than those required to stabilize the situation and get the creditors out whole. With a concentration on long-term, sustainable profitability improvement, we create tremendous amounts of equity value for shareholders, which by definition, means that the creditors are not impaired. In the end, a company must restructure more than its balance sheet to achieve true long-term success.

If you think your business might need help, chances are it does. The sooner you take action with a professional Turnaround Consulting firm, the better the results will be. Promontory Point Partners, LLC is the right choice when you don’t know where to turn.

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Promontory Point Partners

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