Refinancing & Restructuring

Successful CEO’s and CFO’s understand while cash flow is the life blood of their company, equally as important is a solid capital structure and access to financing sources to fund the ongoing needs of the business. However, with banks now having tighter credit standards  and economic activity remaining relatively flat, tighter access to traditional financing has led to increased stress for many privately-held businesses.

Promontory Point Capital is an investment banking firm focused on the needs of privately-held businesses. Our firm is engaged by companies in a variety of industries seeking dedicated and experienced resources to secure debt and equity financing. The principals of PPC have closed hundreds of financing engagements throughout their careers including the refinancing and restructuring of bank debt, securing second lien, subordinated, and other types of junior debt, as well as accessing equity capital for their clients. Our experience is unmatched in the lower middle-market and our audience of financing sources is national including banks, institutional debt and equity investors, and other capital providers.

Securing financing in today’s market requires much more than a part-time effort and is a significant undertaking for most businesses. PPC manages all aspects of the transaction, from initial discussions with appropriate financing candidates, to the negotiation of competing term sheets, ultimately through closing. Engaging PPC allows experienced professionals to focus on the funding so senior management can remain focused where they should be — on the business. Situations where we have been effective include:

  • Companies overextended with their current lender or bank group, including forbearance situations.

  • Under-capitalized businesses needing an injection of “junior” capital beyond bank debt.

  • Growth orientated companies requiring financing for expansion.

  • Owners of assets that are candidates for 100% sale-leaseback financing.

  • Funding needed to finance acquisitions, shareholder redemptions, or buyouts.